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How to Pass Standard Publishing Dissertation in a Journal


The publication of a scientific work that paves the way to a scientific degree is not only a demonstration of ambitions, but also an indispensable condition for obtaining a degree. By providing others with access to the results of your research for many years, the scientist contributes to the further development of science. In addition, the published dissertations are easier to check for errors and plagiarism.

Everything Has Its Order

Requirements for the method of publishing dissertation in journal and the number of copies vary depending on the institution and faculty. Usually, they are included in a document called “the procedure for defense of a dissertation,” which every competitor of a scientific degree should be familiarized with. In any case, several printed copies will have to be submitted to the university library. And then the graduate student is offered a choice of several options.

At the Humboldt University in Berlin, one of the options, for example, is four printed copies for the library and text in the electronic version (as the university acquires the right to further dissemination of scientific work). Another possibility is three to six copies for the university library and the publication of the thesis in a publishing house with a minimum circulation of one hundred fifty copies. To fulfill this condition, universities usually give one to two years. In case of non-observance of the term, the decision on awarding the candidate degree may be withdrawn. What method of publication should be chosen? Should you post work on the web or seek help from a publisher?

Electronic Dissertation

The chosen method of publication can affect your career. It depends on the standards in a particular scientific field. Do not ignore the trends and expectations of the scientific community. This path is chosen primarily by representatives of the natural sciences, while in the field of humanities and social sciences, the more common way is to publish a monograph in the publishing house.

There are many platforms for digital publication ready to help fresh candidates of science. Publications are assigned the International Standard Book Number (ISBN), and it can be ordered in any bookstore or online, but it is not mentioned in the publisher’s catalogs. Therefore, in order to learn about the publication in scientific circles, the scientist will have to show activity and take over its advertising.

In Search of Recognition

Of course, if it is important only to fulfill the requirements of the university and present a couple of copies of the dissertation to the university, colleagues, and friends, then they can be printed in a copy shop. But with far-sighted plans it is worth considering another option. Publication of the dissertation in the publishing house is, first of all, a matter of prestige for those who plan a career in science rather than in industry. It is true especially when it comes to recognized representatives of the scientific literature market. Therefore, many are willing to bring to the public the results of their research with the help of publishing houses. This option, however, is not suitable for everyone: its role is played by the scientific direction and theme. Mathematicians place their work more often on the internet, but most economists are published in publishing houses, and demand for such literature is much higher.

The main thing is to be noticed. Professionals in many fields are published in publishing houses. You may be offered to fill out a 20-page form by presenting the main abstracts of the candidate work, analyzing similar studies and plans to popularize your scientific work. It can take a week to do. Others do not dare to take such a step at all.

The result is a contract for the publishing dissertation in journal within six months, at no cost to the author. Such a proposal is infrequent, and publication costs can go up to several thousand dollars. Often, publishers are asked to pay an advance or redeem a certain number of copies. It will be hardly possible for a scientist to earn on intellectual work: he or she will get only five to ten percent from cost from the sale of each book.

Justified Investments

  • Some universities partially cover the cost of published dissertations. A single scholarship is also provided by some scientific organizations and support funds for graduate students. The publication in the publishing house can last from a few months to a year. When concluding a contract, it is important to find out not only about the cost of the service, but also how the publishing house is going to advertise the thesis.
  • The contract should contain information about the format, circulation, grade of paper, binding, number of color pages, and the design of the cover. Your efforts will be justified, as at a scientific conference you will be able to present your monograph to the best experts. To be recognized and communicate with them on equal footing is what you should aspire to, and this will help you to develop in your field further.
  • The results of your work can be published both in scientific journals and collections of scientific articles, and on electronic resources with materials of internet conferences. Choosing the right magazine for publication does not present serious problems. Publishing articles in journals that do not meet the requirements is inappropriate, since such a journal is not considered scientific, and the work published will lose its uniqueness.

It is necessary to know that the publication of articles in most scientific journals is carried out on a fee basis. This is due to the fact that these publications are mostly focused on publishing the results of dissertational works of candidates and graduate students; they are not available for free sale, and are redeemed by the authors of the articles themselves and by certain interested persons. In other words, the cost of publishing an article roughly corresponds to the cost of one copy of the corresponding magazine, and therefore the size of articles in such publications is strictly regulated.

Meanwhile, the cost of publication is quite affordable, especially in the case of working with co-authors (usually allowing 1 to 2 co-authors, which saves 50%-70%). The cost of the article in the collection published following the results of the conference will be higher for its participants than for those who refused to participate in the event. This is due to the need to cover the costs of organizing a meeting, including the rental of a conference room (with an outdoor option), the preparation of handouts (stationery, notebooks, work program, etc.), as well as the work of staff (registration, lunches, coffee breaks, transportation costs, accommodation, excursions, etc.).

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