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How to Keep Calm and Create a Personal Statement for University


There’s no challenge in life you can not manage, and that includes a personal statement for university. It’s hard to believe now, but you definitely will write it, because you just have no choice. So stop going insane, put yourself together and start preparing for your personal statement writing. The very first step you’re actually doing right now – looking for the information that concerns a university personal statement. We don’t insist that we will totally solve all your problems right now.

However, your worries are familiar to us, and we’ll try our best to help you.
We hope you have enough time before submitting your application form and your personal statement for university, because this matter does not tolerate haste. And if you are lacking time, do not discourage, but you should begin now.
First of all, take a long breath and calm down. You need a good plan to manage everything on time. We will propose to you some activities that will help you with personal statement writing. And then, you’ll make your own schedule according to the remaining time.

Verify the Details

Different universities call for different application forms and personal statements. Find out what exactly you are supposed to write, whether it is in the form of an essay, or answering specific questions. Do not forget about the deadline!

Indulge in Memories

Try to remember all your ups and downs. Ask yourself:

  • What kind of activities did you prefer in your childhood?
  • What subjects fascinated you at school?
  • What was the most troublesome period in your life? How did you stand out?
  • What do you consider as your best achievements? They may be simple, like learning to ride a bike or baking a first cake.
  • What was the brightest period of your life? What did you do then?

These questions could help you to reveal your memories and to look deep into yourself. If you are going to enter the university, it seems that you have an aspiration and persistence. That should strengthen your belief in yourself.

List Your Skills

Make a list with your skills. Follow these steps:

  • Write down everything that you have ever done before that concerns the course you have chosen. For example, if you‘d like to be a lawyer, you may consider your capability to analyze a situation and find the connection between several different things as your skill. Write down even obvious items. Then, you should choose the most appropriate ones.
  • Support your skills with experience. Part-time jobs, life situations, voluntary work – all of these can count as your experience.
  • Determine the range of your interests. Here you write your hobbies and how they characterize you as a person. For example, you like reading fantasy books. This may indicate that you have a brilliant imagination.

Tell About Your Personality

You don’t need to be unique on purpose, as you already are. You just need to show others what makes you special. What are you like? What differs you from others? At first you may write everything that springs to your mind even in a humorous way.

It’s Time to Create a Complete Picture

When you finish all the preparations for personal statement writing, take some time to be with these thoughts. Some people need a couple of days, or even weeks. Then, you may start writing according to the assignment. If you are not sure that your first sentences are captivating, leave it. Maybe later your ideal “hook” will appear in your mind. Remember that a university personal statement should tell about you, that’s why you shouldn’t look for another’s thoughts.

How Else Can We Support You?

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