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How to Improve Concentration

Improve Concentration

Have you come here searching for ways to increase concentration? You have come to the right place. This information might help you to be a more successful student.
Concentration is the ability to keep your thoughts focused on what you are doing. Students usually ask how to increase concentration and improve memory. If you have had problems with concentration lately and your mind has been wandering away from the task, the following information might be useful for you.

Can You Improve Concentration?

Concentration is a habit. Like any other habit, it takes time and effort to perfect. When you have cultivated the habit, you will see that you get much more out of life, not just your notes and lectures. You should train your mind to stay focused on a task. What keeps your level of concentration high is your interest. How to concentrate more fully? Check out these tips right now!

Pay Attention
The first thing to do is to take responsibility for your own thoughts, to bring your attention back to where it should be. You should be aware when your mind wanders. You should take notes and jot down questions to stay focused so that your mind does not wonder.

Active Listening
Active listening involves connecting to the person when he/she speaks. To improve your concentration, sit in a place where you can listen and see the speaker’s gestures and body language. Asking questions and taking notes are part of active listening.

Get Involved
The problem of poor concentration arises more often when you are reading. To help you concentrate, you need to become more involved. Use the subheadings to ask questions and then explore the text to find the answers. You can use pictures and diagrams that you draw at that point to increase your understanding.

Link Concepts
Meaningful linking makes each concept and its relationship to other concepts clearer and more meaningful. Connecting ideas, objects and concepts helps improve your memory and concentration.

See in your mind what you are learning. Studies have shown that you remember 90% of what you do, 75% of what you see and 20% of what you hear.

Physical Conditions that Help Improve Concentration

  • The right place. Concentration is enhanced or decreased by different physical conditions. Sit in a place free of disturbance. Sitting near a window or in some airy place helps you to concentrate better.
  • Multi-tasking is known to reduce concentration. So if you need to concentrate, cut out all distractions and switch off the phone.
  • Take breaks. It is known that you can concentrate only for short periods. That’s why you should take short breaks before you return to a task. During the break, get out into the open and inhale some fresh air.
  • Posture and comfort. Your study desk should be comfortable. Also make sure that you adopt the right posture. If you are not comfortable, you’ll concentrate more on how you’re feeling.

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