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How to Create Argumentative Essays Easily


Sometimes you don’t like to express your opinion openly for some reason. Either you don’t have enough arguments, or you lack confidence in your own ability. Nevertheless, you are still firmly convinced about something. This is your finest hour to prove your beliefs and point of view in argumentative essays. But even if you are not obsessed with any particular idea, you occasionally need to write essays as a task. That’s why we’ll try to supply you with proper information about argumentative essay writing.

Expository and argumentative essays have a lot in common. The main difference is that to compose argumentative essays, you need to do more research. You don’t give your own opinion in this kind of essay, but instead, you choose a side in an already existing belief. Unlike the expository essay, argumentative essay writing can’t be properly done during an exam. The reason is that you have to find a lot of facts or check familiar ones.

First Steps

  • Choose the topic (if your teacher hasn’t given it) of your argumentative paper. It is better to choose a topic that is attractive to you. Motivation and interest push you to effectively get work done. And, it would also be easier to explore an issue that you have already come across.
  • Immerse yourself in a subject
  • Find the data on the web about your question. First, don’t try to find some evidence, just gradually get used to the topic. Read articles, comments, and small studies.
  • Look for the information in printed editions. Although you can many books by simply surfing the Internet nowadays, there are still a lot of printed books in libraries. It depends on your topic, and whether you need to investigate your issue in real books. We recommend that you do just that, especially if you have a lot of time. Even some modern affairs have occurred because of past facts that can only be found in books. You should mention this in your essay.
  • A personal meeting with the experts would be great. It will help you to learn the topic better and to be aware of the newest discoveries or achievements.
  • Select opposing views. Hardly can you find a topic that is not the subject of debates around the world. Find two or more of the most contrasting opinions.
  • Choose your side. After all you have read or heard, it’s time to make a decision about what your view on the issue is.

A Simple Scheme to Avoid Confusion

  • Introduction
    Attract your reader
    Tell something unusual or try to guess the audience’s need.
  • Give background
    Why is it valuable and for whom? What is the issue about? Who is involved?
  • Define the thesis
    It’s your main statement. You should make your thesis singular, clear and focused.
  • Body
    You have only one thesis, but you can give several claims that should not conflict with the main idea. In this section, give the evidence for all of your claims. Remember that you should operate only with facts.
  • Rebut opponents’ views
    Take some adversarial claims and refute them with facts (not opinions!).
  • Conclusion
    Explain why your issue is meaningful
    Don’t tell the audience new facts. You should repeat your main arguments and thesis (briefly).
  • Imagine what it would be like if your statement came to life (or didn’t).
    Let the readers be a part of your hypothetical world and explain why it would be better for them.

Now you know all you need to at least try argumentative essays writing and learn Easy Way to Perceive Argumentative Essay Structure. But if you feel that you need some rest, our online resource (WriteMyEssayOnline.com) can help you. Find your writer, give him the assignment, and relax. Service is available 24/7!

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