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Don’t Ruin Your College Application Process Because of Poor Admission Essay Writing

Admission Essay Writing

Don’t let that scare you away from trying! A college admission essay is a great opportunity to stand out from other candidates and make a good first impression. With your careful consideration, you can apply with a good college admission essay that increases your chances enrollment at the college of your choice.

Do Not Try to Write an Autobiography

Develop a good thesis statement for your essay and make sure it is both personal and narrow. Additionally, it is important to know your word limitation and it is critical to adhere to it. It is better to select only one story or event to write about. Your admission essay writing should be concise, but interesting.

Show Your Individuality

Read other college entrance essay examples to get inspired. View your college admission essay application as a chance to underline who you are as a person. This is the chance to let your individuality show. You should show the admission officer that you are responsible, serious-minded, and mature.

Avoid Cliché Phrases

A cliché can ruin even the greatest essay. They look very poor and sound lazy. In order to avoid this, look for any synonyms and comparisons to avoid being predictable. If you want your college admission essay to look creative, fresh and smart, keep track of cliché phrases in the piece. Check out college entrance essay examples before admission essay writing, to avoid repetition of cliché phrases.

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