About Debra Bowen

Ever since she was first elected to the State Legislature in 1992, Debra Bowen has been a pioneer in government reform, consumer protection and privacy rights, environmental conservation, and open government. She also is a leading women’s advocate, fighting for equality in the workplace and in government, child care, health care and civil rights.

Bowen – as a woman with an incredibly strong record of accomplishment and independence who has been victorious in tough electoral battles in swing districts – is an excellent candidate to be the next California Secretary of State. There isn’t even one female constitutional officeholder representing California – and Bowen, based on her record, is a perfect fit for this office.

Bowen has earned attention in the media throughout the state as an effective and independent voice for reform, open government and consumer advocacy. She has declined to accept gifts since taking office, was the first California lawmaker to be accessible through her own state e-mail address (1993), was the first California lawmaker to put up her own government web page (1995), and the first California lawmaker to put her campaign finance reports on the web (August 1995).

What Can Students Learn about the Issues Resolved by Debra Bowen?

Debra Bowen’s politics and the issues she resolved are the focus of many who study politics. Many students look for exciting facts to include in papers and impress their teachers. I want to write my essay on politics correctly. – This is natural and easy to do if you will consider one of the issues resolved by successful politicians during their careers. Read more about the programs and activities of government officials to enrich your papers with rare facts and arguments.
If you need to find exciting facts about Debra Bowen, pay attention to the key issues that form her programs. First, Debra Bowen is an environmental protection activist. She earned her reputation as one of the leading environmental advocates in California. Second, thanks to Debra Bowen’s fight for open governments, since 1993, people got electronic access to laws, bulls, committee analyses, voting records, and more documents. Third, Debra was one of the leading forces during the finance reform. Fourth, thanks to the activities of Debra Bowen, consumers’ privacy became highly protected by the law that banned companies from using Social Security numbers as public identifiers.

Why Is It Important to Stay Updated on the Political Situation?

Voting for the Secretary of State is a step forward protection of rights for active citizens. Since there is an ongoing unprecedented crisis in confidence at national and state levels in elections’ fair and independent conduct, we must restore trust, integrity, and independence in democratic government. By staying updated on the political situation and following the chosen leaders, citizens can sit in active positions, defining their role in social life. The easiest first step would be starting here in California by supporting Debra Bowen’s activities. Please pay attention to volunteer programs for those who can help Debra in her programs.