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Crime And Punishment Essay Sample


There are many famous masterpieces that were written around the world. The book of Fyodor Dostoevsky Crime and Punishment is one of those books that one has to read. The plot is simple but impressive and it captures you from the very beginning. Throughout the story, Raskolnikov who has committed a crime tries to live with this burden. It is interesting that it is the St Petersburg who influenced character’s life the most.

The image of the city is one of the most important. It is not only the background of the story but also one of the reasons why the main hero committed such terrible crime. Moreover, one of the characters, Razumihin, argues that St Petersburg is the place that contributes to spreading the human vices. But St Petersburg, he will find, is no place for childish dreams (Dostoyevsky 635).

From the one side, Dostoevsky shows us the picture of the urban city with many real places. From the other side, the city transforms into a fantastic creature that breathes, lives and has its feelings. Dostoevsky connects urban changes to Raskolnikov’s thoughts and subsequent actions (Lindenmeyr). With the urban landscape, the novel includes pictures of poverty, drunkenness, and disasters of the lower strata of society.

All heroes and the city are the immediate environments of Raskolnikov, the city with its problems is the medium where Raskolnikov’s theory was created and finds the application. Petersburg becomes the scene where the life of the heroes passes. Besides, it was the St Petersburg atmosphere that psychologically pushed Raskolnikov to crime.

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