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Category Archives: Student life

6 Types of Students Based on FRIENDS: Attitude to Homework

Homework is a sore subject for each student and it is often discussed in many blogs. In this article, we are trying to puzzle out how homework was invented and what homework means for different types of students. Also, we will provide each type of student with useful recommendations. Check out which type of student you are and get our advice below!

Who Founded Homework?

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Lottery Winners Are Announced: Is It You?

We at WMEO have a surprise for our customers. Finally, we can announce winners of the lottery that took place this March. Let us remind you about the rules of the lottery.

The conditions were very simple — you needed to make orders. The more orders a customer made the more chances he or she had to win. Three winners were selected with the help of a randomizer.

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8 Cheap Beers to Avoid at All Costs

Cheap Beers to Avoid

Taste is a subjective preference and some people will disagree with our opinion. Here’s a list of cheap beers the average person would agree are cheap and bad.

Different people have different attitudes toward cheap beer. To the party-going students, it’s a fact of life. Unfortunately, cheap doesn’t mean good. We’ve prepared a list of cheap beers should may want to avoid drinking.

Most people can recall slogging down a can of Schaefer for its availability and rock-bottom price. The advertising slogan for Schaefer beer is “Schaefer is the one beer to have when you’re having more than one.” Amazingly, Schaefer was the top-selling beer in Puerto Rico during the 70s and 80s, but it has fallen from grace considerably since then.

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The Best Tips on How to Study Without Getting Bored

How to Study

Distractions while studying is not the end of the world. However, you should know that studying can be interesting if you know tips on how to study without getting bored.

Almost all students start getting bored right after holding a book or even the minute they decide to study. But don’t worry! Studying is fun when you convince yourself that it’s fun and when you understand that it will be beneficial for you more than anything else. Here are some tips for studying that will prevent getting bored.

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Top 8 Things a Successful Student Cannot Live Without

Successful Student

There are several things every modern student cannot live without. Check out the article to find out what things make you a successful student.

As a successful working student, there are some things you simply can’t live without. Throughout your time at college, you’ll come to appreciate the important and unique role each of these play in your life. How many of these college essentials apply to you?

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How to Improve Concentration

Improve Concentration

Have you come here searching for ways to increase concentration? You have come to the right place. This information might help you to be a more successful student.
Concentration is the ability to keep your thoughts focused on what you are doing. Students usually ask how to increase concentration and improve memory. If you have had problems with concentration lately and your mind has been wandering away from the task, the following information might be useful for you.

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What Are the Main Types of Bullies in School?

Bullies in School

Bullying in school has always been a problem. As time goes by, it is getting worse. Check out the main types of bullies to help you understand how to deal with them.

Bullying in school continues to be a problem that takes forms in different ways, depending on the culture and the location of the educational institution. Bulling is unwelcomed behavior or unwarranted criticism from another person or entity. School administrations and state branches attempt to discourage bullying in schools; they pass new laws, implement new programs, and encourage students to support each other.

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The Best College Graduation Gifts Ideas

College Graduation Gifts

What is the perfect gift for college graduate? Usually, it is not easy to choose something to buy. Here are some ideas for good graduation presents.

It might seem like a simple task to choose a gift for college graduates, but you may find yourself asking a lot of questions about what to buy. What does he need? What does she not already have? Would he want money or a gift card? What in the world will I buy for her?
Perhaps this list of graduation gifts ideas will help you decide.

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What Makes for a Bad Roommate?

What Makes for a Bad Roommate?

Everything has been going along OK. You got accepted into the college you wanted. You bought all the coolest stuff to take to the dorm. You emailed your roommate throughout the summer. Everything is great until you arrive at college and decide that you want to kill your roommate. These things do happen. Sometimes living with a roommate means solving problems and learning how to live with each other. Continue reading