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Category Archives: Academic Papers

Three Simple Steps for Writing Personal Statements


Writing personal statements is an essential part of entering college or university. Of course, your grades also count. But a personal statement essay reveals your personality and admissions can take into account what kind of person you are. So, we would like to give you three simple steps for writing this type of work for you to improve your chances of entering an educational institution. Your personal statement essay can be useful for more than just entering a university.

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GED Essay Topics for Prudent Students


When it’s getting closer to the GED tests, you start hectically searching for the information that concerns the tasks for this test. We are not going to overload you with the data for each of the parts of a GED. Today, we will introduce you only to the second part of the language arts writing test. In this part, you are to write an essay, so you need to be aware of possible GED essay topics.
These topics do not require special knowledge. Rather, you need to express your view according to your general knowledge and personal experience.

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Non-Standard Questions and Answers About College Coursework


All students definitely have to face coursework writing. Until now, teachers haven’t come to an agreement about the necessity of college coursework. Anyway, you should be ready to write it and get the highest marks! Now, we are going to answer the most popular questions, as well as the less popular ones (but which are still very important) about this type of work.

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Information You Need to Know About Argumentative Papers

argumentative-papersWhether you feel confident while taking part in discussions or you hate defending your opinion, you will probably be assigned an argumentative paper in your educational institution anyway. So, this type of work gives you a great opportunity to think of all your arguments and answers to objections in a calm atmosphere. Read information about argumentative papers and get ready to write brilliant work.

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Best Internet-Related Tips for Writing a Good Paper

Tips for Writing

Here’s a funny fact for you: nowadays everybody can write what they want to write about and post it online. You don’t even need to go to a publishing house or a newspaper. You can become super-famous on the Internet, and only then publish your book so your fans would have a paper copy too. However, people don’t value the opportunities they have, and it’s hard to say that teenagers are actually good at writing nowadays. We have collected some tips for writing, closely connected with the Internet and modern technologies. If we can do it, why not use them?

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How Not to Plagiarize – Vital Advice

 How Not to Plagiarize

With the development of plagiarism checkers, more and more students are bothered with this question: “How not to plagiarize?” Actually, many of these services are so strict (if not to say “picky”), that they will find plagiarism anywhere! And when many students claim those checkers are unfair, they actually may have a point. It is well-known that academic writing should be based on theories, ideas or research of other people with proper acknowledgments. Actually, there are even types of essays where you don’t have to be creative or present your own point of view—you just have to summarize and shortly retell the views of other people on a matter. And how can you be 100% unique in this situation? There are some options, and we are going to share them with you.

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The Most Useful Essay Topics on Racism for Students

 Essay Topics on Racism

It’s always hard to write essays on social topics. Such issues are actively discussed in societies and you can hardly find a person who doesn’t have his or her opinion on these problems. If you are a peaceful person or just don’t feel like being engaged in active conflict, express your thoughts on paper. It doesn’t mean that everybody will agree with you. But at least you won’t be interrupted and involved in a useless argument. Today, we suggest you to write about one of the most debatable issues: racism. There are a lot of forms of writing that work. But it may be best to express oneself within the confines of an essay. In this article, we’ll give essay topics on racism. Our list is divided into 3 parts. Each of them is devoted to a determined period of time: past, present, and future.

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The Best Advice on How to Write a Cause and Effect Essay

Cause and Effect Essay

Wondering how to improve writing skills? Use these simple and easy techniques, and you will see results!

Writing skills are becoming an essential part of everyday living. Now every person is expected not just to be able to read or write, but to write in a comprehensible, logical, and pleasant manner. And this requires some training. Here are the most popular tips and tricks on how to improve writing within the shortest period of time.

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Best Writing Title Exercises to Help You

Best Writing Titles

Wondering how to write a good title for your essay? Here are some of the best practical pieces of advice to turn you into a brilliant title creator!

A title is the part of your work that gives the first impression to your reader. Of course, everybody wants that impression to be really strong, but writing titles is not an easy task. Why do students dislike writing conclusions? Because summarizing is so hard and there’s always so much you want to add! Or maybe you feel like you’ve already said what is needed to be said, and there’s no use of writing a summary. Titles are even harder: you have to present your work and make it interesting for the reader not in a paragraph, but in a simple and short sentence.

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What Are the Main Characteristics of Good Paper Topics?

Good Paper Topics

One of the most important stages of writing a college paper is selecting and narrowing the topic. The following guide will go through this step with you!

Sometimes, you’ll be given a list of possible questions and themes for your college paper, and other times you will have the freedom to choose your own topic. This freedom can be both great and terrifying. If you have difficulties choosing what to write about, start with a few ideas and choose the best one after several steps. You can also consult with your instructor about the best topic choices.

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