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Let Your Opinion Be Heard with Proper Book Review Format


If you are a bookworm or just fascinated with a particular book, sometimes you would like to share your thoughts about literature. Nowadays, all of us have such an opportunity due to the Internet. You can write comments about the books you read on forums. And yet, you would not be sure that somebody actually viewed your comments. Perhaps the best time is now to make sure that you are heard. Try to write serious book reviews that would be interesting to your audience. And, we will tell you everything you need to know about book review format.

This blog post is useful for you also if you simply feel indifferent to the literature, but at the same time, you still need to write this kind of work as a college task. Anyway, maybe you’d actually like it after trying. And if you already wrote a review, pay attention to the book review checklist at the end.

Book Review – What Is It?

It is a critical article about a particular book you have read. There’s a considerable difference between a book report and book review format. In a book report, you should tell about the characters, the plot, and the significant situations. And you may tell all of these in a book review, but not in a detailed way. Furthermore, for a book review, you should analyze and critique the whole book, including the characters, the writing style of the author, and other major points.

Before Writing

First of all, you need to read the whole text. Before and while reading, you should:

  • Explore the writer’s biography. Gender, age and nationality can influence the way the author thinks. You can also mention it in your future review.
  • Make notes. It could be about your personal impressions, or controversial issues in the text.
  • Also, you should trace the development of every figure in the text, especially if the plot is intricate.
  • Underline the quotations. Pay attention to some interesting characteristic of which the author puts into sentences or phrases.
  • Try to define the main theme and idea of the book. And, find the evidences that support it.
  • Check if the information is accurate. You can use historical or other books, as well as the Internet if needed. However, be careful with Internet resources. Make sure to look for authoritative ones.

Take Your Pen and Start

As any other kind of writing work, a book review has its own structure.


  • The author’s name, the title of his work, the year it was published and the main theme need to be mentioned. You should write all this data, but the first sentence can be just for attraction.
  • Pay attention to the title (if it is linked somehow with the main topic of the book).
  • Give some data about the author if necessary.
  • The main gist of the book needs to be expressed. Your view also has a right to be expressed, that’s why your aim is not actually to guess what the author’s brainchild is about.
  • Your idea about the book also should be plainly stated.


Make a summary of the content
Give information about the plot and the characters. The quantity of this information depends on your audience. If you know exactly that you readers are already aware of the plot, write extremely briefly about the content. Pay more attention to the analytical work.

Analyze and evaluate

  • Give the information in chronological order so that both you and the readers do not get confused. For example, you shouldn’t talk about the consequences of one’s actions until you analyze that action.
  • Do not use superfluous quotes. Always write the page and paragraph of the used quotation. Remember that you use quotes only to provide proof for your thoughts.
  • Compare with other books from this author, or books from other authors.
  • Write about the author’s style.
  • Organize your analysis so that it can be more easily perceived.

Repeat your main idea or thought about the book and give the final evaluation. Do not write new claims. Just sum up the information you have told earlier.

Book Review Checklist

After writing the review, check to see if you said anything about these points:

  • Have you commented about the writer’s style?
  • Are there strong and weak points of the book?
  • Is your style appropriate for the audience?
  • Are all the facts accurate in the text?
  • Have you compared this book to others?
  • Have you missed any important details about the characters or situations in the book?

We hope this article will help you to learn how to understand book review format. Also, Find Out More on Book Reviews in APA Style. And for those who still don’t feel like writing book review (APA), we have another suggestion: use our online resource, WriteMyEssayOnline.com. Our qualified and experienced writers will do the assignment according to your requirements. You don’t have to pay the whole sum in advance. We propose that you make payments in parts (and only after you are completely satisfied with the paper). If you are still not sure, you can read free samples on our blog. Try it right now – we are available 24/7!

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