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The Best Guide to Writing a Paragraph in an Eight-Sentence Burst

Writing a Paragraph

Paragraph writing can be intimidating, particularly in the early stages of an essay. The eigh-sentence paragraph burst is one style of essay writing that is designed to get writers past those early stages of essay creation. The eight-sentence format can be boiled down to the following six elements: topic sentence, first major support, first minor support, second major support, second minor support and conclusion. Continue reading

Importance of Effective Listening Skills for Communication Courses

Importance of Effective Listening Skills

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Effective listening skills are a valuable part of high school or college communication courses. Strong listening skills make it easier to understand complex concepts, remember important facts, and interact with classmates and teachers in constructive ways. Even though communication courses require talking and observation, listening is an ideal way to pick up subtle cues that might otherwise go unnoticed. Continue reading

Top Tips for Writing Research Papers in Literature

Writing Research Papers

We tend to mystify the process of critical writing by thinking of it as the product of genius rather than labor, but it often uses some of the same processes as hard science: forming a hypothesis, collecting data, testing the data against the hypothesis, and then reaching a conclusion.

We suggest that you try to make the process of writing a college research paper as interesting and pleasant as possible, as well as logical. How do you do this? Follow these easy steps! Continue reading

How to Proofread Your Paper

How to Proofread

How to proofread? Here is the checklist of items to look out for, during the proofreading process.


Some elements of paper writing are not a matter either of the words themselves, or of punctuation, but, rather, are matters of alignment, layout and consistency, or inconsistency.

  • Check that your layout (page margins, line spacing, heading style, etc.) conforms to the format prescribed by your instructor.
  • Keep an eye out for changes in font face, or size.
  • Check all text that is underlined, italicized, bold face, and any other special text format.
  • Check for consistency in page margins, line spacing, outline numbering, and paragraph indentation. Continue reading

Top Strategies for Writing a Good Conclusion

Writing a Good Conclusion

Like introductions, conclusions are important because they leave an impression. The kind of conclusion you write, will vary to fit the overall picture and purpose of your essay. But, a good conclusions should make readers glad that they read your essay.

You may have been taught that the purpose of a conclusion is to summarize all the points you have developed. This kind of summary conclusion may be a good idea, if you have written a long piece, like a book chapter, or scientific report. But, for shorter essays you write in most of your university classes, it’s usually not a very effective way to end. Continue reading