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American Red Cross Essay Example From Experts

Good Publicity for Red Cross Despite Scandals


The Red Cross Society is a humanitarian organization that embarks on providing services and aid in times of calamities across the globe, focusing primarily on individuals affected by violence and warfare. The organization enjoys a great deal of prominence among the member countries due to its rapid activity and rising to the occasion in times of conflict and giving a helping hand free of charge to affected individuals within various regions. Humanity is an essential aspect of society, hence the need to engage relative measures to ensure that the outcomes of violence and calamities instigated by other aspects such as weather are controlled to create a cohesive living environment and eliminate hardships experienced. Even though the Red Cross Society has experienced an excellent public image, and its good deeds outweigh the negatives, various scandals within its operations have implicated the organization.

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The Red Cross’ most essential mission is to alleviate suffering. Regardless of the source of misery, be it conflict, natural catastrophe, lack of water, nutrition, or any other, the organization has a distinctive readiness and ability to take rapid action. The Red Cross has a vital role to play in saving lives via charity and safeguarding efforts. The association strives to eliminate illness, enhance overall health, and boost communal social stability. Every human being deserves dignity and liberty, according to the Red Cross (Indianredcross). The requirement contained in the Geneva Accords and humanitarian rights legislation must be met in all circumstances. It expressly says that everyone should be safeguarded from oppression and handled with compassion. It is important to strive toward the aim of guaranteeing that human dignity is respected. The phrase to avoid and relieve human misery is a logical extension of the adage to operate for peace.

Environmental damage and natural catastrophes may create political instability, resulting in violence, hunger, and refugee inflow. The Red Cross collaborates with the local community to avoid disasters in the afflicted region, restoring nature’s equilibrium where it has been disrupted. The Red Cross, founded out of a passion for serving the injured on the battlefield without prejudice, works to reduce and relieve needless misery wherever it occurs on a global and national scale. Its goal is to preserve livelihoods while also ensuring human dignity (Indianredcross). The role played by the association has seen an increase in its positive public image, thus eliminating the implication created by scandals within the organization.

Despite the good deeds and practices associated with the society, it has not gone unnoticed that the organization has faced several cases of scandalous activities in several countries of its operations. Even though the leadership has taken measures to control the spread of concern, some of the activities have significantly impacted it. For example, they are considering the Haiti Red Cross, where donations were made to the organization; a probe showcased that the organization spent almost a quarter of the donations, which was approximately $125 million, which raised suspicion concerning the management of funds (Sullivan). In addition, issues surrounding the management of funds have been rampant across many countries that the organization operates, which have gone unnoticed. Additionally, cases of sexual misconduct among the employees of the Red Cross have not gone unnoticed. Personnel amounting to 20 have been suspended and laid off due to their misconduct within the organization (Greenfield).


There are several aspects of the Red Cross that have completely barricaded the scandals happening within the organization. Issues such as humanitarian assistance and the elimination of human misery have seen the increased role of its good public image despite the scandalous activities of sexual misconduct and mismanagement of funds.

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