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30 Essay Topic Ideas for ‘Cathedral’ by Raymond Carver

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The short story ‘Cathedral’ by Raymond Carver represents the sight of reality and the ability to see beyond the surface. This work of fiction was written in 1981, and today many students like to use ‘Cathedral’ for essay writing. The author touches many important subjects through a simple description of settings and the domestic life of characters.

A good essay begins with accurate topics, but students often don’t know how to name their works. To reveal the main points of every literature composition, you need to formulate your point of view correctly. It is easy to choose the right ‘Cathedral’ research paper topic when you have the list we prepared for you!

‘Cathedral’ by Carver: Topics for Essay

  1. The ways in which character, plot, point of view, and setting in Raymond Carver’s ‘Cathedral’ contribute to the central theme.
  2. How does each of the elements of fiction ‘Cathedral’ contribute to the central idea? How does each element work with others to develop or strengthen the theme?
  3. Analysis of literary techniques in Raymond Carver’s ‘Cathedral.’
  4. The idea of blindness and self-awareness in Raymond Carver’s ‘Cathedral.’ How do characters and symbolism in the story reveal its main idea?
  5. Comparison of the main approaches between Raymond Carver’s ‘Cathedral’ and James Joyce’s ‘Araby.’
  6. The role of dialogues between characters in ‘Cathedral’ by Raymond Carver.
  7. Description of the relationship between the narrator and his wife in Raymond Carver’s ‘Cathedral.’
  8. The significance of Robert’s blindness in the short story ‘Cathedral’ by Raymond Carver.
  9. The subject of racism in Raymond Carver’s ‘Cathedral’ and the author’s relation to it.
  10. Description of main ideas from Raymond Carver’s ‘Cathedral’ and Ernest Hemingway’s ‘Hills Like White Elephants.’
  11. How does the author use irony in the short story ‘Cathedral’?
  12. Analysis of how the narrator forms the short story ‘Cathedral’ by Raymond Carver.
  13. Literature analysis of ‘Cathedral’ by Raymond Carver and ‘Blazo’ by Ron Carlson.
  14. A comparison of ‘Cathedral’ by Raymond Carver and ‘The Birthmark’ by Nathaniel Hawthorne towards the characters going through self-deception and how they allow the environment and social culture to control them.
  15. How would Friedrich Nietzsche react to ‘Cathedral’ by Raymond Carver?

‘Cathedral’ by Raymond Carver: Research Paper Topics

  1. How can the reader suggest that the narrator in ‘Cathedral’ by Raymond Carver has mental disabilities that make him even more vulnerable to discrimination and abuse than the blind man, Robert?
  2. Why does Robert treat the narrator with condescension in the short story of Raymond Carver ‘Cathedral’?
  3. What is the narrator’s problem with connecting in the short story ‘Cathedral’ by Raymond Carver?
  4. How can the reader explain the behavior of the narrator in ‘Cathedral’ by Raymond Carver towards his alcohol addiction?
  5. What does Carver say at the end of his short story ‘Cathedral’ when the two men draw the cathedral together?
  6. The relation between the blind man and the narrator’s wife. Why does he eam her unconditional confidence?
  7. The reason Robert is the only one in Raymond Carver’s ‘Cathedral’ that has a name.
  8. The transformation of the narrator in the short story ‘Cathedral’ by Raymond Carver.
  9. The thematic trajectory employed through actions and dialogues of characters.
  10. Summarize the conflict in ‘Cathedral’ by Raymond Carver.
  11. What actually happens as the plot unfolds in Raymond Carver’s ‘Cathedral’?
  12. Determine the messages Raymond Carver presented about society, human nature, and morality in ‘Cathedral.’
  13. How does the narrator react to the visit of the blind man in ‘Cathedral’ by Raymond Carver? Based on this behavior, conclude the characteristics of what kind of person he is.
  14. How does the way the narrator from ‘Cathedral’ by Raymond Carver speaks with the author’s relentlessly simple sentences influence perception of the story? Why is the narrator attributing a word such as “united” to his wife?
  15. References to religion in Raymond Carver’s story ‘Cathedral.’

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