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Keeping a Pulse on Academic Honesty

WriteMyEssayOnline is an academic writing service that has already helped hundreds of students improve their knowledge in writing various types of papers and better understand what good writing looks like in the contemporary world. Good writing skills facilitate students in getting better grades in their academics. We are here 24/7 to contribute to academic society and provide students with quality educational materials regarding academic integrity.

At the same time, we know that students may use our service in a way that violates the principles of academic honesty. The following text will discuss the ethical principles we adhere to and offer clients recommendations on using our service correctly.

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Principles of Academic Integrity We Obey

We are against cheating.

Our company doesn't contribute to such type of academic dishonesty. We don't accept orders that ask our experts to give solutions to any exams or tests. All evaluation exams are the full responsibility of every student, as it shows the direct knowledge and skills of the learner.

We are against fabrication

We know that some students may fall into falsification of data because they can't find information, and it may become a problem. Our experts pay attention to the information they use in paper samples and cite properly, adhering to the required citation format.

We are against plagiarism.

Our service hires expert writers with knowledge of various plagiarism forms, enabling them to deliver unique and original samples. Suppose the student has trouble with accidental plagiarism or can't understand how to credit the source. In that case, the sample paper shows how resources should remain referenced and how a reference list should be composed.

We are against impersonation.

Every time our experts create writings on clients' behalf, we believe these works will remain used in terms of academic integrity. Students shouldn't submit the received paper, including its parts, as their work. One should use the completed work for educational purposes only.

WriteMyEssayOnline makes everything possible to provide students with quality assistance by offering various types of academic writing and giving them access to sample papers that improve their knowledge following educational principles. Students are responsible for using the received materials and should use them following the college honor code. Falling to academic misconduct and responsibility for the consequences lies entirely with the student.
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Ethical Responsibility

We also care about the students' well-being when providing them with academic assistance. Our ordering system doesn't accept orders that ask our writers to take a stance for or against gay marriage and abortion. We think that such controversial topics should be discussed solely by the student.

Recommendations for Students

When students use essay writing services, they get prompted to use the received texts as their writing. Knowing that students suffer from academic pressure and information overdose, someone can understand the reasons behind such suggestions. To avoid plagiarism and impersonation, we write this article to explain how students can use our service in terms of academic honesty. We can't directly prevent plagiarism, but we can educate our clients about academic dishonesty.

Here is a list of our recommendations on how to use WriteMyEssayOnline concerning academic integrity principles. When you receive the sample paper, you can:

  • 😍 Learn suggestions presented in the paper sample to get more ideas on how the topic can be approached and develop your ideas.
  • 🤔 Explore how the expert writer has implemented the teacher's recommendations in the text.
  • 💡 Get the idea of how to structure the text logically and present your thoughts in an easy-to-read way.
  • 🔮 Analyze the writer's opinion and text information to draw your conclusions.
  • 🔭 Investigate the sources on the topic in the reference list to learn more.
  • 🤩 Broaden your mind with new assumptions, paper design, and terminology.
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Recommendations for Writers

Our service has gathered a strong team of writing experts. All of them should adhere to the principles of academic integrity and be responsible when completing orders. We expect them to follow these principles:
  • Avoid fabrication or falsification of any form. The sample paper should contain only accurate data and sources of information.
  • Prevent contract cheating. The expert writer should avoid the situation when it's known that the client will send the sample paper to the teacher as their work.
  • In no case do not pass take-home exams, tests, multiple choice, and other evaluation types of student examinations.
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Contact Us If You Have Issues Related To Academic Integrity

We care to foster a love of learning within high academic standards and quick assistance. Please contact us immediately if you have mentioned that our service has violated the academic integrity principles listed above.support@writemyessayonline.com
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