Paper Writing Service that Will Solve Your Academic Difficulties

Though essay writing is claimed to be one of the most useful college assignments to learn about, it is also one of the most hated among students. Text formatting rules, citations, proper argumentation, and many other details make essays and research papers difficult to write. But these are not the only reasons why students prefer using a paper writing service to writing assignments on their own.

Why Essay Writing is So Hard

  1. Lack of time. Though this reason seems like a typical student’s excuse, it actually is one of the most important causes of being unwilling to write a paper. Even a 5-paragraph essay requires a lot of reading and thinking. But students often lack time due to having many other assignments. Feeling constant pressure and knowing that you have to do 20 assignments plus an essay, which requires the most time, makes students decide to get assistance. And more often, they rationally decide to buy a paper than to write one.
  2. Obligation. What is necessary to do is a boring thing to do. By the time students get to college, they’re nearly allergic to sentences containing “have to do,” “deadline,” and “assignment.” It’s a proven psychological fact that an obligation to do something immediately drops one's motivation to do it. And when you already feel stressed due to having a number of assignments to complete, and then realize you have one more essay, it’s faster and simpler (and healthier, by the way!) to type “paper writing services” in a search engine.
  3. Lack of proper explanations. College papers are different from those that are written in high school. You need not only to express your opinion, but to prove it based on other people’s findings and experiments. Moreover, you have to be extremely logical and precise in your writing. You are not allowed to use idioms, jokes, and other things that make writing interesting and captivating. Instead of this, you have to capture the reader’s attention with your findings, and how these findings correlate to ideas of experts on a chosen subject.

These are just a few things that make students order a paper online instead of writing it, and sometimes this decision relies on the fact that a custom service is more effective than writing everything on your own. Isn’t time-management taught by famous coaches at $5000 per course?

Choosing a Service

Now it’s time to pick a good online paper writing service, and here are the main characteristics to look for:

Content. The first and foremost thing you have to think about when choosing a service is what kind of content it will provide you. Let’s take a brisk look at the three most popular options: a service with ready papers, a cheap papers service, and a custom writing service.

If you decide to buy an essay from a service that offers ready works, you are likely going to have troubles with plagiarism. The main problem is you aren’t able to check the uniqueness of the whole paper unless you pay for it. Surely, some services will provide you with a piece of text from the paper you are going to purchase and, of course, this part will be unique, while the other parts probably won’t be.

Ordering from a cheap custom paper writing service is also not a very good idea. Think of the means the service uses to maintain its low prices. Maybe the papers are written by students, and the quality of the papers is not so high. Maybe the quality is good, but authors resell papers to cover the difference between the assignment’s real price and how much they have been paid.

And finally, you can order from a professional paper writing service, such as Yes, the prices will be slightly higher, but you can be sure that you will get 100% unique work written by a prominent specialist in your area of study. You will be able to check the uniqueness rate at various stages of the writing process, either by using our plagiarism checker or some other checker available online that you consider reliable.

Pricing. The second thing students are most concerned about when ordering from an assignment service is the safety of the payment. Some services will ask you to prepay the whole sum, and others only half of it. At, we have introduced a system of partial payment, since we consider it to be the most convenient and reliable.

Once you have placed an order, it will be automatically divided into several parts (from 2 to 5) according to the length of the assignment. As the author proceeds with your assignment, he or she will send you ready parts of work for approval. Before approving parts, you can ask questions, require revisions, or make suggestions so your work will reach academic perfection. You will be asked to pay only after approving each part sent by your chosen writer.

As for the pricing, we don’t have any fixed prices. We use a bidding system instead. That means our authors set their bids, suggesting their own price, so you can choose an author with the most suitable price, experience, ratings, and etc. Since we don’t employ any client manager to perform client-author communication, we can keep the process quick and convenient. Moreover, we believe that no one can state your needs and demands better than you.

Not so many student assignment services have a money back guarantee. We at are confident in our authors’ skills, so we offer a money back guarantee. You can find out more details at the corresponding section of the FAQ page. But remember, it’s better to talk to your author immediately when you have found an unsatisfactory rate of plagiarism in your essay. Ask your author for revisions as soon as possible, so he or she will have enough time to rewrite the work.