Money Back Guarantee

The finance policy of is flexible and custom-oriented. We never requirement payment in advance for academic help. Pay after you have received a completed paper example. You can also pay in installments for each finished part.

When you hire a writer and are given the price of the order, the needed sum is loaded into your personal account. The money will be withdrawn when the paper has been written.

We guarantee a full refund of the money uploaded to your account if it is not spent on a specific custom paper. If you decide to cancel your order, we will make a 100% refund to your personal account unless the last stage of the writing process has been completed. This doesn’t refer to custom orders marked as ‘Featured order’. You will get back the sum of money that has not been paid to the author by choosing the ‘Release’ option.

Press the ‘Request a refund of your balance’ button to claim back the money. Find this option on your personal account page (tab ‘Balance’). If your current balance is positive, the money will be refunded. The status of the order will automatically be changed to ‘Complete’ as soon as you release the final payment to the writing specialist. After you have released the final payment, there will be no possibility of receiving a refund.