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When the clock strikes midnight, the carriage will turn back into…stop, wake up! Maybe you have overslept and your deadlines and your essays and ratings are going to turn into pumpkins. But even if you have at least several hours, you have the chance to fix the situation – just buy an English essay from a reliable English essay writing service. If you think that you can try to handle this hard work by yourself, we have organized for you some good advice.

Calculate Your Time

Think about the estimated time you have before the deadline, and analyze it and make a simple plan of what you should do. It will keep you organized even if you started to panic and search for someone to “do my English essay for me.”

Think About the Topic

Maybe the hardest part in your plan is to choose a topic. There is one little secret that many students skip – pick the topic that you are totally interested in, especially if the deadline is near and you need to write an English essay in the fastest time possible. It will be much easier to write and you can catch the writer's flow, if you know some facts about the chosen topic. If you still have no idea, here is a little list for your inspiration:

  1. The spiritual life of society.
  2. The moral consciousness, and the philosophy of morality.
  3. The psychological climate of the collective.
  4. Racism in terms of biology.
  5. My attitude toward the reality shows.
  6. A trip on the subway - a social experience.
  7. My professional trajectory.
  8. God's chosen people in Judaism.
  9. The psychological rehabilitation of women who have had an abortion.
  10. The right to live - the law aspects.

Draft the Introduction

The introductory part introduces the reader to the subject and leads to the disclosure of basic aspects of the writing. You can describe your essay title, reveal the essence of the topic, and ask the question that will be explained in the body of your essay.

For example, if you are writing about your future profession, describe why you prefer a certain sphere and what experience pushed you to such a decision.

Quickly Write the Body

The best method for writing any essay is to write a first draft with all your thoughts that you have at that time. You don’t need to pay attention to punctuation and the logic of the paper. Just write, as it’s the time for creating the volume of the paper.

Print the Draft

Now you need to print your first draft. In the era of digital technologies, you still need a physical paper, as it’s the best way to read the text and make marks. Another hint is to cut papers into pieces and throw away unnecessary details, and rearrange the others in the logical order.

Ask a Friend for Help

When you have a finished work in your hands, ask someone from your surroundings to check it for readability and mistakes. A fresh pair of eyes may be a good choice for you, as it’s hard to see all mistakes by yourself.

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