Top-Notch Help With College Essays

College life can get hard at times—assignments, test papers, part-time jobs, parties with friends, and attempts to figure out your future plans are just a couple of problems that occupy the thoughts of an average college student. Knowing this, we have designed a college essay writing help service to make the lives of students easier and happier.

Main Problems with Writing

Writing proves to be a useful skill long after graduation. Job cover letters, scholarship applications, blog posts, and reviews for products—all these written works highly resemble a boring college essay. So why should students decide to get help with college essays rather than write papers on their own? There are several main reasons for doing so:

  1. Lack of practice. It is true that practice is the best teacher, however, it can be understood quite differently. For example, a kind of practice when you are just given instructions on how to do a paper which you have never done before is not an effective kind of teaching. However, this is the most widely used way of teaching students in regards to writing academic papers. There is no surprise why more and more young people decide to look for professional college essay help, since their own educational institutions are incapable of providing adequate learning assistance.
  2. Absence of motivation. This problem can be caused by two reasons: a student’s natural lack of interest in writing and he or she has a boring topic to write about. The second problem can be solved by changing the topic to something more appealing to a particular student’s needs and interests. But the first one is a little bit more complicated--it requires a lot of time and effort. If you are sure you are not going to need brilliant writing skills in your future career, then some additional help with college essays can be the best option for you.

Where to Get Help

If you google “college essay help online,” you will get hundreds of different websites offering to write an assignment fr you. How to distinguish from good and bad services and save time, nerves, and money?

It’s All about Money
First of all, get a precise look at the website’s pricing policy, money back guarantee, and the payment system it uses. Read more about the pricing policy of below.

Are the prices fixed and do authors place their own bids? At, we use a bidding system, since it helps to support fair competition and boost the quality of work. Authors will try to attract your attention by placing lower bids. At the same time, you can be sure about the quality of the work, since you can either ask your author to rewrite the work until you are satisfied or give feedback afterwards and lower his or her rating.

Secondly, we have a money back guarantee policy. Not so many college essay help services will offer you a money back guarantee, since writing is not easily evaluated, saying “this is right,” like you can do with a math assignment. However, we do have a money back guarantee. You can read detailed information from the corresponding section on our website or ask a support team member about it.

And finally, there are different types of payment systems used by college essays help websites. At, we use a system of partial payment, as it has been proved to be the most convenient and reliable one. Once you have submitted an order, it is automatically divided into parts (minimum 2, maximum 5). As a writer proceeds with your order, you pay for each part delivered to you and only after approving it. Before approving, you can ask questions, request changes, and make suggestions for improving the content of your essay. As for the payment options we use, you can either pay via our website or via PayPal.

Finding the Best Content

The second thing that bothers students when they decide to look for help with writing a college essay is the text they receive. How can you tell that the content is unique? Who has worked on your paper? These and many other questions puzzle students before he or she decides to press the “order” button. writer’s team includes fluent English-speaking writers from all over the world. We employ writers who have confirmed their academic degrees by corresponding documents (Master’s degree or PhD). So, you can be sure that your essay or research paper will be written by an author who has both a clear understanding of all academic demands and writing principles, and who is a bright specialist in his or her area of studies.

As for plagiarism, we guarantee you 100% unique, custom work. You can check all the parts of the work you receive on your own, either by using our website checker, available on your personal page, or some other checkers you consider reliable. If you encounter an unsatisfactory plagiarism rate, let your chosen author know immediately, so he or she has time to fix this before the deadline.

You are the Boss

Our main advantage is that you are actually the client and the manager. We don’t employ side workers, like client managers, different kinds of support managers, and so on, and that is one of the reasons we can keep our prices affordable for any wallet size. When you work with, you plan your own budget by choosing a writer with the most suitable bid, you set the deadline, and you control the quality of the work.

Moreover, since we don’t have any third parties involved, we can keep the communication between you and your writer quick and simple. Just ask any question you need to ask using live chat, and solve all your problems immediately without waiting for a manager to respond.