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Though times at college and university are often referred as the most bright and exciting ones, they are also the most difficult. Staying up late at night to finish your assignment, trying to remember everything you should have studied during the term in one night, and still managing to have fun with friends—this is all about being a student. However, sometimes situations get really extreme, and students have to choose whether they want to stay healthy, employed and entertained, or keep their position in college. We are ready to make this choice easier—buy an essay online at WriteMyEssayOnline.com and get at least your academic problems solved.

Main Problems With Essay Writing

Without exaggeration, an essay is the most popular type of assignment and one of the most useful ones. Scholarship application, job cover letters, and many other documents that we have to write after graduation resemble college essays a lot. Why do so many students prefer to buy an essay online rather than write it on their own?

  1. Lack of proper explanation. It is true that practice is the best teacher. However, it is also true that before starting any kind of activity, students need explanations, examples and hints so they understand how to do it. Professors don't give a math assignment without explaining formulas related to the topic, but they do give essays, because writing is regarded as some innate ability.
  2. Lack of time. Due to excessive workloads at colleges and universities, students often don't have enough time to dig in and find out how a well an essay should be done. Moreover, the process of writing itself requires high-level concentration, a lot of energy, and time—three things students usually lack.
  3. Low rate of interest. Let's be honest, when you are a college student (especially at the graduation year), you would rather look for someone to write essays for money than do it on your own. First of all, when you are 20 years old, you don't normally perceive any assignment as an opportunity to become better. Secondly, not so many professors will allow you to write an essay on a topic that is really interesting for you. Mostly, essay topics are standard and boring. Even when you are given the right to choose the topic on your own, it doesn't mean your idea will be approved.

Why Choose Us

If you are a normal student suffering from all the problems listed above, the WriteMyEssayOnline.com team is ready to provide any kind of assistance. But before you decide to order an essay, let us show you just a couple of reasons why we are awesome.

  1. It is convenient and easy. We know that time is precious for students, so we don't have lengthy order forms with dozens of questions. Once you have filled a short order from in the right corner of the page, you will be taken to a slightly longer one where you have to create an account. Your password will be automatically created and sent to you by e-mail, but you can always change it on your personal page.
  2. We provide a multipurpose service. We offer you a wide range of academic works of any difficulty and format. While placing and order, you can choose which format you need the paper to be written in—APA, MLA or Chicago.
  3. You are client and manager. So, you have decided to buy an essay and placed an order. Then, our writers start bidding for your assignment, suggesting their prices. You can ask them about their background, education, and any other details you need to know to make an order. You also can ask for a free preview (about 100 words) to estimate an author's style and approach to work. We are convinced that clients know their needs better than anyone else, so we let you choose a writer on your own and cooperate with him or her without interference of any third parties.
  4. We are always online. If something goes wrong with your account or money deposit, our support team is available around the clock to help you. Moreover, since we work with authors from different time zones, there is a high possibility you will be able to find an author even at 3 a.m. and entrust him or her your assignment.
  5. Communicate directly with your writer. We don't accept interference of any third parties in the author-client communication, since we are convinced it is the client who can state his or her demands in the most clear way, not the manager. You will be able to talk to your author using a convenient live chat, or leave a message if he or she is not online at that time. This way of communication also saves a lot of time, and time is precious when it comes to assignments.
  6. You are in control. If you order an essay at WriteMyEssayOnline.com, you will be in control of everything. First of all, you can plan your budget by choosing a writer with the most suitable bid. You can control the time by setting a deadline. You can control the whole process via your personal page, with the information of your order being updated when any changes are made.
  7. Make safe payments. The second thing students worry about most when ordering an assignment, after confidentiality, is payment. You can be sure that your money is safe and your author will not get it until you approve that the order is complete and no extra revisions are required. To make the payment system even more convenient and safe, we introduced the practice of paying in parts. Your order will be automatically divided into several parts (from two to five according to its length), and your chosen writer will send you each part for approval. If you want some changes to be made, feel free to contact your author and ask for a revision.
  8. Complete confidentiality. You can be sure none of your personal data, not even the e-mail, will be exposed to anyone. Only members of our payment team know your name and corresponding e-mail.

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