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Students encounter many difficult assignments while studying at college or university, but the kind of assignment that has earned the title of the most difficult is the academic paper. Formatting styles, structure, arguments, and quotations—all these requirements make essays and research papers a challenging task to complete. But students try to restrain from buying college essays online due to low uniqueness percentages and a high risk of getting caught with plagiarism.

Where to Get Help

Obviously, getting college essays for sale is not the only option of solving your academic problem. For years, students have been finding a way to handle their assignments without modern technologies. So, you can:

  • ask a friend;
  • buy college essays from one of the “essay banks”;
  • try to compose an essay using free materials from the Internet; and
  • order from a custom writing service.

Each of these methods has its advantages and disadvantages. If you ask a friend to help you with your essay, you will still have to do the major part of the work on your own. Aren’t you trying to avoid this? In case you offer your friend money or a treat (pizza, cake, etc.), then he or she will do the entire assignment for you. However, there’s no guarantee the work will be qualitative. And this is not because your friend did it on purpose, but he or she can also get sick, have a bad day, and so on.

The idea to buy a college essay from an essay database may appear tempting at first sight. You pay an amount of money much lower than at custom services, and in a second, download your essay. You don’t need to wait, fill in lengthy forms or argue with your author about the requirements provided by your professor. But this scenario can turn into a horror movie once your professor decides to run a plagiarism checker (take it from us, he or she will). You will get a 0-40% uniqueness rate and at least will be at the epicenter of a big scandal. We are not trying to scare you, but there are cases when students got expelled due to plagiarism found in their college or university works.

Composing an essay using information available online is the same thing as writing an essay on your own. That is time consuming and energy draining, and is what you have been trying to avoid. If you decide to cheat a little bit and use parts of research papers and essays without making dramatic changes to the content and language, just copy-pasting, the situation in the previous case might repeat—you will get caught on plagiarism and at the very best you will be made to rewrite the work.

Finally, you can buy essays for college from one of the custom writing services. Here you will get a 100% unique work written especially for you according to all standard academic requirements and any additional ones provided by your professor.

Choosing a Service

Picking a reliable service among hundreds available online can be really hard, especially if you have never done this before. Here are some main characteristics you need to pay attention to in order to save your money and nerves.

  1. Confidentiality. This is the crucial characteristic you need to pay attention to. Though all such services write about complete confidentiality, some of them may request to collect your data for statistics. However, you never know how much data they actually collect, right? At we don’t expose your personal data to any third parties, since we have no additional customer communication teams. Moreover, we want to warn you from telling your author your e-mail, mobile phone, or your real name while discussing the details of your order. Normally, our authors don’t ask, because they are aware of our confidentiality policy, but just in case, remember to avoid exposing your personal data to anyone.
  2. Communication. At first, this characteristic doesn't seem to be important, until you actually start working with your writer while communicating with the help of a third party (a client manager, for example). This highly resembles a children's telephone game: your writer will receive information on your order not directly from you, but from a manager who talked to you. At we consider good communication between author and client to be the main ingredient of success. So, we don't interfere in your communication with your chosen author in any way. And this policy has already shown its results—good feedback and a 9.49 out of 10 as an average rating.
  3. Pricing policy and money back guarantee. What students worry a lot about before deciding to buy college essays online is everything connected to money. What kind of payment is the safest one? If something goes wrong, how can I get my money back? These questions and more puzzle students' minds before pressing the “order” button. Don't worry. The payment team always takes your money issues seriously, be it $5 or $500. At our website, we have introduced a partial payment system, which we consider to be the most convenient and safe. You can pay either via our website or via PayPal system. You can read the details about the money back guarantee at the corresponding FAQ section at our website.
  4. Plagiarism. Finally, the essential characteristic of any good service is plagiarism rate. Of course, every service where you can buy essays online for college will try to convince its clients that it provides 100% unique texts. We at are not going to convince you, since you can check it on your own. You can either use our plagiarism checker, available from your personal page for free, or use some other external services you regard as reliable—for example, a service recommended by your college. In case the similarity index is high, we recommend you to contact your writer immediately and ask for a revision before he or she puts the “finished” status on your order.