Why Cheap Research Papers Aren’t Good for You

Final exams are approaching, and students are desperately running out of time while trying to prepare for exams, handle all the due assignments and still manage to go to classes. Maybe, college life wouldn’t be that hard if it wasn’t for essays, research papers, and term papers. Luckily, now you can type “cheap research papers for sale” and get a dozen websites offering ready works withing a second. Just click the download button and get your academic problems solved. However, there are actually many hidden problems students can face while ordering from such services.

Problems With “Cheap” Services

Students are always lacking time and money, so it’s no surprise they are trying to get everything done as fast and as cheap as possible. But sometimes using a slightly more expensive service will save you a lot of money, time, and nerves. Here are some reasons why you should carefully consider all the pros and cons before buying cheap research papers.

  1. Poor quality of writing. Even the most enthusiastic academic writers are unlikely to work for a price lower than the industry average, which is $7. A conclusion that easily comes to mind is that works that cost less than $7 per page are written not by professional academic writers, but by your student peers. Obviously, the quality of the work won’t be great. So there’s the question: why did you even pay for a cheap research paper you can simply download on the Internet or compose on your own in half an hour, and the quality of writing will be the same?
  2. Original rate of uniqueness. Another big problem of cheap custom research papers is the uniqueness rate. Mainly, you can encounter this problem if you decide to purchase a ready work. This is very risky, since you can check the uniqueness rate only after paying, and the results are often disappointing. You will either have to rewrite the work on your own or order it for a second time. The same problem can occur even if the paper is custom written when you are using a cheap research paper writing service. Since the authors working for such services are often underpaid, they are unlikely to spend much effort on making your work at least good, let alone brilliant.
  3. Reselling papers. This is actually the worst thing that can happen to you in the case of ordering from a cheap service. Since the author receives less money than his or her work actually costs, he or she may cover the difference by selling your work to a bank of ready essays, for example. And your paper will remain unique only until the moment someone else decides to buy it from that bank, and you never know when this is going to happen. If this happens exactly before the moment your professor decides to examine your work with a college plagiarism checker, you can be in a lot of trouble.
  4. No revisions. Obviously, if the author is paid less for his or her work, the motivation for making the paper perfect will be low. The author will rather rely on the quantity of papers, not the quality. And even if the quality is obviously bad, there won’t be anyone to do revisions for you.

Basically, if you decide to buy a cheap research paper, you are risking the most important characteristic of any academic writing—the quality. Anybody with a few spare hours can find some information on the Internet, copy-paste it and quickly format it into MLA or APA, but that won’t make a good academic paper.

Why Choose WriteMyEssayOnline.com

There are several main things that are particularly cool about WriteMyEssayOnline.com, so let us share them with you.

  1. You are the boss. We don’t involve any third parties in the whole process of writing—and particularly—in communicating with your expert author. That means we don’t employ client managers of any kind, and that helps us to keep your communication with the author fast and simple, and the prices affordable. Also, you are the one who sets deadlines and reviews the quality of the work you receive. You have the complete freedom of managing our order, which makes it really simple and fast.
  2. The prices. Besides, as for the pricing policy, we don’t have any fixed prices per page. Instead of this, we use a bidding system, where each author can state the sum of money he or she is willing to do your order for. Some people are afraid that this system will allow our authors to overprice their work, but this is actually not true. What’s true is that a bidding system encourages authors to compete for each order by rising the quality of their work while asking for a reasonable sum of money.
  3. Our writers. Your paper will be written by prominent scientists, who managed to pursue a master’s degree or PhD, and who also posses great academic English skills and knows all the requirements towards an essay or a research paper almost by heart. Our authors are open to cooperation. They will highly appreciate you uploading some additional materials, such as drafts and recommendations given by your professor, before the work starts so they can precisely follow your demands and write a perfect essay.
  4. Text uniqueness. Now you know that your text will be created by someone who has a profound experience in academic paper writing, but what about the plagiarism rate? We guarantee you that it is zero with papers written by our authors. Anyway, you don’t need to take it on faith—you can check the work as many times as you need using our plagiarism checker or any other checker you consider to be accurate. Also, you can ask your chosen author for an unlimited number of revisions if you detect even a tiny hint of plagiarism.

Do you still think that ordering from services with “buy a research paper cheap” advertisements will actually save your money? Order at WriteMyEssayOnline.com and get rid of your academic problems.